Dec. 13, 2021


Dear CFA member, H.E.L.P Participant and clinic attendee:

There is no Zoom meeting this week. The final Zoom for this year will be next week and we will send out a newsletter with the link closer to the day. 

Last week, on Tuesday evening, we ran our first in-person cardiac rehabilitation medically supervised, exercise class since the beginning of the pandemic. Outdoor walking on the track is the only exercise modality we are currently offering. The countless hours of research, planning and work that went into this is staggering. The cost of equipment (including state-of-the-art HEPA air filtration) as well as PPE and medical grade sanitization is almost unbelievable. With intense and extensive input from the CFA, the CFA board of directors and clinic staff, we felt able to offer in-person, medically monitored, outdoor exercise in an environment that we considered as safe as achievable while meeting, and in some regards exceeding provincial reopening guidelines. All of this taking into account the medical vulnerabilities of our population. This, of course, was prior to the Omicron variant showing up to potentially derail our progress against this unyielding virus. 

This week on Wednesday, we had planned to offer in-person cardiac rehabilitation exercise to a wider audience. Recognizing the uncertainty of the current situation as well as the fragile health of many of our patients, we are proceeding with caution. My staff and I are in no way encouraging anyone to attend this class unless they feel comfortable with the risks.

You MUST sign up and read and agree to the terms and conditions as listed in the online portal (link here.) There are links to screening documents in the terms and conditions that may be completed before coming to your scheduled, monitored exercise appointment. There are also instructions as to expected protocols which are different from what you experienced in the years before the pandemic. All of these protocols and procedures and added equipment are for the safety of you and our staff and volunteers. 

I am not expecting or encouraging any of you to step outside your comfort zone to attend. At this point, this new variant appears to be extremely aggressive with many unknowns. I would encourage you to act with extreme caution until more is known. For those who choose to attend, the link to the information and sign up is here

Wednesday, December 22, 2021, 7:00pm: Cardiac Rehabilitation Online Zoom meeting: topic to be announced.

All of the summaries available from our Zoom meetings can be found at under Educational Assets. Not every Zoom presentation is summarized but those that have been are/will be available online. 

Wear your mask!
Follow all protocols!

The virus (and it’s variants,) cannot spread without our assistance.

For more information on COVID-19 vaccination in Ontario click here.

Thank you for doing your part in this crisis, doing everything possible to not spread this virus is your heroic contribution. Current Ontario provincial guidelines are here. With the concern over the Omicron variant we encourage you to get your booster as soon as it’s available to you and follow all public health guidelines. When in doubt, err on the side of caution.

A reminder: You must wear a mask covering both your mouth and your nose at all times while on the clinic property. We expect you to put your mask on before you leave your vehicle. Staff have observed many occasions where there are people, unmasked, not distanced, chatting in the parking lot and on our private walkways. We ask that you follow procedures and properly mask and distance at all times. 

Look after yourself, no one else will!