Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions – CFA Clinic Exercise Track

To be able to provide a safe environment for all members attending a Cardiac Fitness Association (CFA) class, the following guidelines must be adhered to:

  1. All attendees must have had at least two (2) doses of COVID-19 vaccination and have received their last vaccination more than 14 days prior to their date of attendance. Booster doses are highly recommended, but not mandatory.
  1. Masks must be worn and cover both nose and mouth at all times, both inside the clinic and outside on the grounds. N95 or KN95 are the recommended preference. Fashionable cloth masks are not permitted.
  1. Tuesday classes only – We ask you to try and book online cfa-breslau.com or with the office (519) 648-2252, but if you can’t, please feel free to simply show up at the front door of the clinic 4:30 pm – 5:15 pm. Wednesday classes still need to be booked.

              Wednesday classes only – You must register and have an attendance time booked prior to coming to the Clinic for a Wednesday class. Please respect this time. Book online at cfa-breslau.com.  If online is not possible, call the clinic. (519) 648-2252

  1. Upon arrival, you must meet staff in the front entrance of the clinic and have a rapid COVID test.
  1. After completing the rapid COVID test and receiving a negative result, your hand will be stamped as proof of a negative test, and you may walk outside around the back to the monitoring room where staff will review your health history. Staff will ask for proof of your negative rapid test before speaking with you.  After meeting with staff, proceed to the track and join others walking. Indoor exercise is limited to six (6) people at one time and we as that you wipe down the equipment before and after use using wipes provided.

If your test is found to be positive, you will be requested to leave the Clinic immediately and comply with the current 
Ontario Health Guidance (click here for more detail).  You may return to a CFA Exercise Class after your 5-10 day isolation period has been completed and you are COVID symptom free. You will be retested upon arrival.

  1. a. Outdoor – During your exercise time on the track: walk in single file; walk on the inside lane of the track unless passing another walker; walk at a speed that will maintain a minimum two-meter separation; and pass other walkers on the outside lane of the track.                                                        b. Indoor – Indoor exercise is limited to six (6) people at one time, and we ask that you wipe down each piece of equipment before and after each use using wipes provided.
  1. As you complete your exercise, proceed to the ECG monitoring room with your clothing ready for the ECG prior to entering the test area. Only one person in the monitoring room at a time (if outside, wait for the green light to enter).  Do not linger in the monitoring room or adjacent areas. Both the monitoring room and exercise room has HEPA filters.
  1. After your ECG is complete, return to the track or indoor exercise for your cool down. During your cool down, item 6 above still applies.
  1. After your cool down period is complete, we ask that you wait a minimum of 15 minutes preferably at or near the back entrance outside or in the lecture room (maximum capacity – 10 socially distanced persons) before going home. If leaving in the middle of the lecture, simply acknowledge to the presenter that you are feeling fine. A simple hand wave or other gesture will suffice. HEPA filters have been installed in the lecture room. If you do not feel well during the exercise, cool down, or waiting period, notify staff at once.
  1. Zoom lectures will continue once a month on the second Wednesday of each month.

Terms and Conditions – CFA Clinic Reopening – Rev 13, Jan 18, 2023